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About Amazing People

Amazing People Worldwide is a global organization that helps individuals and businesses achieve their full potential. It is is home to the world’s largest collection of amazing people stories that feature amazing people such as Walt Disney, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Shakespeare and Helen Keller. These biographical interviews are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced these amazing individuals. Amazing People Worldwide holds the key to understanding how and why the world’s most influential and effective individuals did what they did. This Amazing People series supports inspired cross-curricular learning and raised aspirations. The stories springboard into an extensive range of topic and subject area including literature, science, history, engineering, art, music, politics and medicine. Each book features a dramatized audio so learners can choose to read or listen.

Amazing People

School Collections
All titles (when available) may be purchased for use online and offline, either individually or as Class Sets. Book available campus-wide (using the school's IP Range) allowing access on all devices when on site, Class Sets controlled by a class-wide login (no need to register each individual student), to individual purchases, which allows the user to possess a book, rather than just online access for a certain period. There is also a complete LMS solution integrating the books such that scores are returned to teachers, administrators or even school boards.

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Series completion by Fall 2016.

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About the series

Amazing People Schools support Character Education by connecting positive attributes such as perseverance, bravery, honesty, and focus with the amazing exemplars who embodied them. These attributes are better understood when explored through real life stories and achievements. A focus on these attributes can help schools foster a “culture of curiosity” where students are encouraged to think about their own identities, strengths and ambitions for the future. A range of resources and tools have been created by teachers for teachers to help them develop bespoke programmes that will suit the needs of their individual school and community. These can be run and developed year on year, to support engagement, inspirational learning and ongoing improvement. An Amazing People Schools Program can promote the moral, cultural and mental development of pupils at the school. This prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life through the personal stories of the world's most amazing people as well as supporting wider reading. The resources provide a coherent framework with gives context to the various values, virtues, qualities and strengths which we want to evoke in the leaders of tomorrow.

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In summary, the Character Education aspects of the Amazing People Schools program will help to:- Promote the moral, cultural and mental development of pupils at the school and in society Prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, through the personal stories of the world's most amazing people Promote wider reading and improved literacy Link positive behaviour with previously established rewards programmes Teach curriculum through personal stories Develop proactive thinking skills Uphold a high-quality citizenship education that helps students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need, to prepare them to play a full and active part in society. "In an age when immediate fame and celebrity are cynically dangled to fuel the hopes and visions of children and young people, the Amazing People Club's resources are a refreshing reminder of the power of role models to inspire the young. These materials represent an invaluable resource for schools. Written in the unique and engaging first person style of the BioView, pupils are invited to explore the exploits, achievements and motivations of remarkable individuals who have informed our thinking and shaped our world. They will be an invaluable stimulus to create dialogue and debate in citizenship work in schools." Dave Jones, Pearson Headteacher of the North.

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We are teachers and educators based in Japan, the UK, Canada and the US. Our focus is on providing high quality content digitally. We preserve the strength of books (the layout, graphics and so on) while also adding in the elements that teachers want, and students need. Simultaneously, our solution enables the books to be used as full e-learning content and integrated to the wider LMS environment.

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